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Update Lenovo Bios on Linux

Just put the extracted Bios Update utilities into the WinPE 4.0 64-bit Image and create a bootable usbstick. Then, from the admin console launch:

InsydeFlashx64.exe <BiosUpdate>.ROM

To extract the bios:

innoextract <Version>.exe

Command Comparison:

DOS Command UNIX or Bash Command Action
DIR ls -l List directory …

Western Digital GreenPower Disks

WD GreenPower disks have some problems under Linux with their “head parking” feature parking the head every 8 seconds. This destroys the disk over a short time span. For Linux, there's idle3ctl from the idle3-tools.

You can display the current value with the following command:

$ sudo ./idle3ctl -g /dev/sdX …

ATA Secure Erase (SE) and hdparm


The instructions below will irretrievably destroy data. Moreover, as the hdparm manpage explains, "these switches are DANGEROUS to experiment with, and might not work with every kernel. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK."


According to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-88: Guidelines for Media Sanitization …



This is the command to start the calibrator:

dispcal -v -y l -g 2.2 -t 6500 -q h target

There are a few options that can be set in this command by changing the values after the option flags (the dash followed by a letter):

Monitor type: -y …